Emergency Skylight Repair in Wisconsin

If you find yourself with a suddenly leaky, cracked, or otherwise damaged skylight team is ready to help on a moment’s notice! Our service techs specializing in skylight repair in Wisconsin and Minnesota are the best in the business, and can get you fixed up quickly, and with a quality guarantee.

What we Need to Know

We offer skylight repair in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and we will need to know the nature of your emergency, so our experienced technician can be prepared to make the correct repair.

When you can physically see water leaking around the skylight, you are going to need to have a repair conducted as soon as possible, by experienced professionals. Doing otherwise risks greater damage to the skylight, as well as your roof attic and ceiling. Putting off a repair could cost your thousands more in future maintenance!

If you use a manually operated skylight, and it is not functioning correctly, simply describe your problem to us. Our technician will be able to diagnose the specific problem, and prepare for the repair before they arrive. If you have a motor controlled skylight that has become inoperable, be sure to let us know that it is mechanized, so the technician will be ready to consider any of the potential electrical problems.

Before we come on site for your skylight repair in Wisconsin or Minnesota, you should tell us whether you have ever conducted a repair on your own. We also need to know the approximate height of its location, so our technician can bring the correct equipment to deal with your situation.

Should you notice that the skylight is cracked, we will need to visit your location and analyze the situation. We will then be able to determine the easiest solution to your problem.

To describe your skylight issues, and book a repair, call us today!