Fire Door Inspections

One of the many life safety obligations of every property owner is the annual testing of fire doors. Minor inspections of fire doors may be carried out by your own employees, but fire door testing in Minnesota must be completed by a professional team with a comprehensive understanding of the units being inspected. The safety of your employees and visitors should always remain on the top of your priority list.

Preventative Maintenance

Just as you bring your car in for regular inspections, so should you have your fire doors looked over regularly as well. This can help to catch minor problems that, if left unaddressed, could lead to major issues later on. Fire door testing in Minnesota must be carried out by a person of competence. Our trained service technicians understand how small problems can turn into big problems and how to correct small problems before they can cause major damage.

After inspection, fire and smoke opening protectives in your facility will be certified to be in proper working order. This will help to limit the spread of fire and smoke during a building fire and allow sufficient time for individuals to evacuate the premises safely. While most people are primary concerned with the spread of fire, it is the spread of the smoke that presents the greatest danger to occupants in your facility. Maintaining your fire and smoke rated opening protectives helps to ensures that the systems in place are ready to hold back the spread of smoke and fire when needed. This is why state law provides detailed information about how often you should complete fire door testing in Minnesota. Our inspections help ensure that the smoke seals around doors and frames are in proper working order.

For all your fire door testing in Minnesota needs, you can be assured that our professional team will keep you safe and secure. Call us and we can discuss your specific needs.