Our Products

  • Skylight & Translucent Panel System
  • Won-Door Accordian Fire Door
  • Tate Computer Room Access Flooring
  • McKeon Rolling Steel Door
  • Window Exterior Service
  • Glazing Window
  • GSS Locker
  • Hunter Douglas Reflections Roller
  • Metro Court Total Door
  • Modernfold York School Operable Wall & Partition System
  • M400 Smoke Curtain Gateway

Operable Walls for Minnesota and Wisconsin Customers

Many contractors are capable of building a standard brick-and-mortar office block, but what about construction where something more innovative is needed? If you need an internal environment that is specifically designed for flexibility, or has been created with ambitious design parameters, you may well need specialized interior construction to make your building work. Whether it’s accordion doors in Wisconsin or airwalls in Minnesota, we offer a number of intriguing solutions to your design requirements.

Translucent Wall Panels

We can provide and install a wide range of different wall panels, offering options that can be customized to meet your individual vision. Translucent wall panels can be a great way of increasing the level of natural light an area receives, while at the same time providing a barrier between two areas. Our aim is always to provide innovative answers that provide a practical combination of utility, and stunning good looks.

Airwalls for Developments

Our company stocks door and wall systems from some of the leading manufacturers, including Barrisol, Skyfold, Tate, and Hunter Douglas. Their reputations for excellence and longevity ensure that when we install them, you revive a result that is built to last. We are known as experts at installing translucent panels in Wisconsin and Minnesota, so you can trust us to provide accurate estimates, and get the job done on time.

Accordion Doors and Much More for Construction and Remodeling

No matter what you want to achieve when it comes to your building project, our skilled team can help you realize your goals. We are committed to providing you with the very best specialty building systems, offering not only design and installation, but also long-term maintenance and management. To find out more or to discuss your project requirements with us, call us at (952) 937-8400 (Minnesota) or (612) 916-9131 (Wisconsin).