GSS Locker Systems

Locker systems for schools and health club facilities

GSS Locker Systems

The entire GSS locker system is designed on a single premise. Moving parts fail. That is why so many school districts have gravitated towards GSS’s box welded door, no moving part locker design.

The GSS locker system starts with the door. This 1 1/8” thick structural steel tube provides the rigidity needed to have a securely locking door with only a single point lock. This eliminates the need for slide latch bars that wear out and break down over time. The other key element to the GSS design is the integral, piano hinge. In most locker applications, the door/hinge connection is where the locker is must susceptible to damage. With GSS’s integral hinge design, the frame and hinge are actually a single, integrated assembly.

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The lockers are wonderful. We should have done this years ago. Thank you. Along with that your installers are unreal. What a great bunch of guys. They took care in cleaning up, worked through the heat, and were a real pleasure to have around. Thanks again.
-Cal Jans