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Modernfold Operable Partitions: Minnesota Operable Walls and Service

W.L. Hall Co. offers Modernfold operable Walls. Modernfold, a DORMA Group Company, offers manual single / paired panel or continuously hinged, electric operable wall systems that can transform your space quickly, giving you the ability to open up small rooms into a larger space or vice versa. This is ideal for corporate, hospitality and educational facilities that want multi-functional spaces that can be reconfigured quickly for meetings and events.

Unlike some other operable wall systems, Modernfold operable walls don’t sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Modernfold’s product line includes a variety of high-end designer finish solutions as well as standard finish options. No matter your needs, Modernfold operable walls will meet BOTH the aesthetic and acoustical demands of your application.

We get great feedback about Modernfold operable walls from our customers. These solutions been offered for more than 80 years, by DORMA, the largest manufacturer of operable walls in the world. Whether it’s through operable partitions (or Airwalls) or accordion doors, Modernfold has developed an unsurpassed reputation for high-performance, affordable space division products that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Modernfold operable walls can handle even the most customized applications.

Modernfold Operable Walls, Minnesota Sales:

For Modernfold sales please contact Andrew Zabowski at 952-974-7636 or send an e-mail to: We can discuss your needs for design and installation.

Modernfold Operable Walls, Wisconsin Sales:

For Modernfold sales please contact Bob Daniel at 612-916-9131 or send an e-mail to: We can discuss your needs for design and installation.

Modernfold Operable Walls Service, Minnesota & Minnesota:

For Modernfold service please contact Ben Mahin at 952-564-3401 or send an e-mail to:

Why Choose W. L Hall Company for design, sales, and installation service of Modernfold in MN or WI?

We have an excellent reputation in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for helping our customers achieve their space division goals with Modernfold Operable Walls. We look forward to helping you on your next project.

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