Skyfold Autolift Wall Systems

Electrical Vertical Acting Wall

Skyfold Autolift Wall Systems

Skyfold provides the ultimate in flexible, acoustical space division. Skyfolds electrically operated walls systems extend and retract at the turn of the key to allow one person to quickly and quietly operate the operable in just minutes, no matter what size the wall is. Although Skyfold is a premium building system, its ease of use means that it gets far more use than conventional, manual operable wall systems. Because Skyfold stores in a narrow pocket in the ceiling (a 10’ high wall stores is less than 24”), it is ideal for both retrofit and new construction. Skyfold also has the advantage of not taking up valuable floor space when the partition is not being used.

The W. L. Hall Company furnishes and installs Skyfold in MN, ND & SD.

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