Won-Door Inc Accordian Fire Door

Motor Operated, Accordion Fire Door System

W.L. Hall Company: Installing and Servicing Accordion Doors Throughout MN

Minnesota companies, and organizations use accordion doors in a variety of ways. The team at W. L. Hall Company has been helping clients with these types of solutions for decades. We can help with everything: from design, to installation, and through to service. We stand by our products over their entire lifetime!

Choose Won-Door for Accordion Doors in MN, ND & SD

Won-Door has an excellent reputation in Minnesota, and around the USA, for versatility. Won-Door can be used either as a state-of-the-art, accordion fire door system or as a simple acoustic partition. The W. L. Hall Company team are proud to be a certified installer of the Won-Door ”FireGuard” accordion fire door system. For more than 45 years, Won-Door has been an innovator in large-scale door systems. With an excellent track record in durability, Won-Door produces accordion doors for a wide array of applications. Their solutions have excellent fire-test ratings, and an impressive list of national certifications.

The introduction of Won-Door’s fire-rated FireGuard® accordion doors to Minnesota literally created the widespan opening protective market for fire rated openings. Throughout the architectural industry, Won-Door is helping architects achieve goals of maintaining open-concept corridors, lobbies, and connections between buildings while still providing fire-safe solutions.

We Service Won-Door Accordion Doors Everywhere

The W. L. Hall Company furnishes and installs Won-Door in MN, ND & SD. We offer integrated solutions, as well as service, and maintenance. We are proud of our excellent track-record of success in areas such as: accordion doors, air walls, skylights, translucent panel systems, and more.