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W.L. Hall Company Installs Dynamic Glazing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 31, 2016: W.L. Hall Company is pleased to announce that they have completed the installation of dynamic glazing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). This glass was manufactured by SageGlass and consisted of a 2,800 square foot area of the world’s “smartest” electrochromic glass. The glass was installed at the main entrance of Terminal 1 at the airport.

This area of the airport is susceptible to glare at certain times of the day, causing issues for visitors and TSA employees. With the installation of the electrochromic glass from SageGlass, W.L. Hall Company was able to reduce the amount of light that entered the terminal and provide a more comfortable work environment for employees, as well as travelers who spend time in the public area of the terminal prior to going through security.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport welcomes more than 36 million travelers through its doors annually with more than 400,000 landings and take-offs occurring every year. This is the 16th busiest airport in the United States. With the installation of this dynamic glazing curtainwall system, MSP can provide a more comfortable and safer environment for both visitors and employees.

Anyone interested in learning about the dynamic glass installation at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can find out more by visiting the W.L. Hall Company website or by calling 1-952-937-8400.

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