The 5 most common detailing problems we see in window and curtainwall installation



1. The primary seal is not located in the proper location. This can occur for many different reasons one of the most common is that the primary seal is located within the wall cavity, insulation, blocking etc…

2. Products are detailed in areas that exceed their performance and structural capabilities. A general rule for storefront is that it is to be used at the ground floor only and cannot exceed 12’-6” in height.

3. There is no effort to connect air vapor barriers with the curtainwall and window components. It is especially important that these connections do not allow for cold air to migrate from the wall cavity to the interior portion of the frame.

4. Compatibility issues have not been researched with the sealants and adjacent materials. It is critical that all the materials within the window/curtainwall assembly are understood and that there is no potential for compatibility issues with the sealants.

5. The window or curtainwall is pushed outside of the insulation line. This can cause condensation problems as the warm side of the thermal break is exposed to cold air or cold adjacent fenestration.