The top 3 reasons to consider counterweight balanced door systems

1.      Ease of operation:  Counterweight balanced door systems can be operated either manually or by a motor with push button controls.  15′, 25′ or 60′ wide door system can be opened and closed by a single push of a button.  Smaller doors can be operated by hand to eliminate the cost of wiring and motor controls.  What other system can you use that opens so quickly with any tools, knowledge or special instructions?


2.      Great for new or existing buildings:  The weight of a counterweight balanced door system is supported by the door jambs.  This means that there is no heavy structure required at the head of the opening.  Jamb supporting means that it is very easy to retrofit one of these door systems into an existing building even if there is little or no structural support at the head.


3.      Wide variety of finishes:  Because of the way they articulate, counterweight balanced door systems can have almost any kind of finish imaginable.  The most common applications use glass and aluminum framing to replicate curtainwall or storefront, but decorative metals, wood veneers, stones, EIFS material, etc. can also be used to seamlessly integrate a door opening into any type of surrounding construction.  There is even a counterweight balanced door system that will flush out with the surrounding construction so you can completely hide an opening in the wall.